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Good Vacation Spots

The task of zeroing in on good vacation spots is like attempting to pick out a few precious stones of your choice, from a cave full of them. It’s extremely difficult to jot down a list simply because each one has particular set of likes and dislikes.

Some people prefer quieter places for spending a vacation, while some prefer to go to a place bustling with people and events. The world we live in offers an enormously large platter with scores of places to visit, enough to satiate every kind of tourist’s travel buds!

5 Excellent Places to Visit

Beach vacations, ski trips, safaris, etc. are all great ways to spend a memorable vacation. Depending on whether you like spending time on beaches, in jungles, in wildlife parks, or on snowy slopes, your natural inclination to a vacation spot will vary.

Kachemak Bay, Alaska

The 64-km long arm of Cook inlet in Alaskan state, Kechemak is simply wonderful for couples who love getting involved in activities like kayaking, fishing, hiking, camping and mountain sports! The constant changing weather patterns gives the place a mesmerizing appeal. The picturesque landscapes will simply leave you overwhelmed! Alaska’s first and only wilderness park is situated at this bay, so you can enjoy watching all kinds of land and marine animals. Not to mention, the glorious feeling of sipping a cup of steaming hot chocolate, as you gaze upon the spectacular mountains of the Alaskan terrain from your cabin!


Barbados, a coral island pushed outwards into the sea, by volcanic activity, is an exquisite island bustling with all kinds of interesting activities to do. Besides the art, history, music, nightlife and famous restaurants, what lures tourists to this island are its people. The Bajans or Barbadians are warm, friendly and hospitable people. Let’s not forget the coral beaches blanketed with fine white sand, stretched across the blue-green sea. Snorkeling, scuba diving and surfing are also highlights of this island. People interested in geology would love to visit the land that is geologically unique, because Barbados was formed by the merging of two land masses. Talk about successful mergers! Barbados is suitable for people with all kinds of budgets and styles.

Kerala, India

Kerala, a state in Southern part of India, known for its enthralling scenery, is a great place to visit. If you love the thought of spending a day or two in a tree house, 90 feet high on a huge tree, then the tree house in Kerala is just the one for you! The tree house made from bamboo and boards, has two floors with each floor having a bedroom, a terrace and a toilet. Those of you who want to spend some quiet and peaceful time with each other, should certainly opt for this getaway place. Living in a tree house in the midst of a thick jungle, with kerosene lamps flooding your room with warm, golden light, is an opportunity of a lifetime!


A family safari in Kenya will turn out to be a mind-blowing adventure for the kids and your family. A complete Kenyan safari experience includes, viewing abundant wildlife, interacting with diverse cultures, enjoying the African scenic beauty and warm tropical waters. The kids will find themselves enthralled to the flamingos, elephants, rhinos, chimpanzees and all the other animals they spot there. The long, sandy beaches lapped by crystal clear, turquoise waters are great to spend the day. The local dishes prepared by the locals will certainly leave you licking your fingertips!


Travel to Mongolia to explore the mysterious deserts, crystal clear lakes, tundra forests, along with its cradle of nomadic people. People interested in interacting and analyzing people of different cultures would love getting to know the Mongolians. Mongolia is known for its undisturbed natural beauty and historically valuable things like rock drawings, deer stones, etched stone monuments and forgotten tombs. Lake Khovsgol, the country’s largest freshwater lake and the Gobi Desert are two main attractions of Mongolia. There are also several museums and Buddhist temples that one can visit.

Top Vacation Destinations

There are many vacation destinations which can be counted among the best. There are, however, no fixed criteria/parameters to determine the same. There are many places spread right across the globe, some of which are less known. With the increase in revenue earned through tourism, governments are trying to promote it by increasing the influx of tourists. Here is a select list of some of the best destinations for some time off.


The Hawaii islands, which lie in the Pacific ocean and to the south-east of mainland USA, are known for their diverse landscapes of beaches, volcanic mountains, rainforests, and small, traditional villages. Six islands of the total eight, namely; Kauai, Molokai, Oahu, Big Island, Maui, and Lanai are the places to be visited. These islands have many tourist attractions right from beaches to trails for hikers.


The Alpine mountain ranges have led to an increase in the popularity of Switzerland as a global tourist spot. Its temperate climate attracts tourists who seek respite from the hot summer. The mountain peaks of 4000m height and a pleasant climate started attracting British tourists during the 19th century. Tourism is the main business activity in this country.


It is the most popular destination in India and attracts tourists from all over the world. It is famous for its beaches, churches, temples, and many other places. The Shigmo festival (Goan version of ‘Holi’), Carnival, Christmas, and Ganesh Chaturthi are important celebrations. The Portuguese, who ruled this place, have left their mark on the culture and architecture.

San Francisco

The city of San Francisco is one of the popular tourist destinations in the US. It offers a lot for a tourist, including the Golden Gate Bridge, Chinatown, Alcatraz, The Exploratorium, etc. which are a few of the important places to visit here. The Golden Gate Bridge, its most recognized symbol, is popular with pedestrians and cyclists.

Cape Town

Situated at the ‘Cape of Good Hope,’ it is one of the most diverse and multicultural cities one can imagine. Scenic views of the Atlantic coast along False Bay, Table Mountain, and the Constantia Valley attract a lot of tourists. Fish Hoek, Kalk Bay, and Simons Town are some other popular attractions. The Bloubergstrand and Table View suburbs which lie along the west coast are fast growing in terms of urban infrastructure.


Sydney is a cosmopolitan city in Australia, and is home to people from diverse cultures. The Australian tourism industry benefits a lot from the 3 million tourists who visit this place every year. The Sydney Harbor which is an important tourist spot has the Harbor Bridge, spectacular beaches, cruise rides, and many national parks.

Best Summer Vacation Spots

Holidaying is synonymous with summer vacations. We await this time of the year to travel to new places, have new experiences, and to come back with memories of a lifetime. Every year, new destinations are discovered, giving us travelers more places to reach out to. However, while the world discovers the worth of these places, we’ll travel to places that are known to be some of the best destinations. Let’s check them out?

5 of The Best Summer Vacation Destinations

South Beach, Miami
This is the perfect destination to have some fun in the summers. Located in South Miami, this is a place most youngsters head to during summertime. This is also one of the best summer vacation spots for families, as there are a number of restaurants and boutiques one can visit. Apart from these, there are also some museums like the Jewish Museum of Florida. There are some historic sites such as the Miami Holocaust Memorial, which is visited by a number of people every year. For some more entertainment, there are also some great theaters that you can check out.

Egypt is one of the best places to visit during the summers, and one of the most exotic too. There is a lot you can see here apart from the world-famous pyramids. Though the Pyramid of Giza remains the most visited, locations such as the White Desert, the coastline of Alexandria (which happens to be the second largest city of Egypt), and also the Suez Canal Bridge, are really nice. There are also a lot of mosques and churches built in this country, that are known for their architectural designs. Those looking for a long summer vacation, this is the place to be.

Goa, India
Goa, the smallest state of India, is another great option if you want to spend your summer relaxing on the beaches. One of the best summer vacation spots in India, this is a place you will fall in love with once you are here. There are an astonishing 12 and 10 beaches in the north and south Goa respectively. A lot of options, isn’t it? The most famous beaches here are Baga and Anjuna. The entire coastline is more than 75 miles. A few more tourist attractions are several Goan festivals, the Basilica of Bom Jesus, and Fort Aguada.

Mesa Verde National Park, Colorado
This park is located in Montezuma County, Colorado, and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. There are approximately more than 4,500 archaeological sites in this park, out of which most are cliff dwellings. At one point, this park was considered to hold the largest cliff dwelling in North America. House of many windows and the Cliff Palace are two sites that are a must see.

The Caribbean
The Caribbean Islands will always be the best summer vacation spot, for two main reasons: the beaches and the variety of adventures. There are so many islands you can visit in the Caribbean that if you don’t plan your trip well in advance, you might just find yourself tempted to visit all the islands and never go home. Bahamas, Barbados, Cuba, and Jamaica are perhaps the most famous islands in the Caribbean. Activities such as submarine rides and watching underwater volcanoes are some of the most enthralling adventures here.

Planning your trip in advance will let you plan your trip properly. Make sure that you study the place in detail before you land there. If you’re spending so much on a vacation, better make the most of it.

Top 10 Vacation Spots

Vacations are that time of the year when you leave behind the stress and the hassles of your day-to-day life and enjoy your time out with your friends, family and even sometimes alone. So, where do you think is the perfect place that would provide you a welcome respite from seemingly endless work, the school semesters and the same old boring routines and scenery. Most of the time, you are clueless while trying to choose a great vacation spot from the millions of destinations around the world. To make your task easier, here is a list of top 10 vacation spots which are notable for their unique beauty or abundance of attractions, making these places the most beloved destinations from around the world.

Top 10 Vacation Destinations

Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida: A long-standing favorite of the family vacationers as well as the honeymooners, the Walt Disney World in Orlando, Florida has something special for everyone, be it children, families, couples or even when you are traveling single. With its amazing theme parks and water parks, coupled with the enchanting entertainment and classic attractions, Disney vacations can make your fairytale dreams come true.

Milford Sound in South Island, New Zealand: Adjudged the world’s top travel destination, Milford Sound is a fjord, located near the town of Fiordland. This stunning alpine valley draws thousands of tourists throughout the year. The beauty of the sheer cliffs rising from the ocean, coupled with a fascinating underwater world, makes it one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Rhodes, Greece: One of the largest Dodecanese islands in Greece, Rhodes provide a beautiful mix of natural beauty, ancient history and cosmopolitan atmosphere, making it a versatile city, a popular draw for the tourists.

Machu Picchu, Peru: This pre-Columbian Inca site in Peru, is a top tourist draw with its classic Inca temples and other buildings. Machu Picchu, in the Quechua Indian language, which means the Old mountain is also referred to as the “The Lost City of the Incas”, these Inca villages and temples blending themselves with the seamlessly green hillside, provide its visitors with a beautiful, magical experience.

Cape Town, South Africa: With beautiful landmarks, such as the Table Mountain and Cape Point, Cape Town in South Africa is one of the most famous tourist vacation spots in Africa. Along with beautiful natural settings, the city also boasts of a good climate, well-developed infrastructure and many cultural attractions.

Hawaii: The only state in US made up entirely of islands, who can forget Hawaii when listing the top vacation spots in the world. Featuring some of the world’s top-notch beaches and stunning volcanoes, Hawaii vacations are extremely popular among tourists, owing to its warm hospitality and superb climate. The unique Polynesian flavor and laid back attitude will make you fall in love with this 50th state in the United States line-up.

Aruba, Caribbean: Sunny climate, white sparkling sandy beaches make Aruba a beautiful vacation spot. Although, not many may have heard of the place but the sheer beauty of its beaches, the clean water, rising cliffs and a desert make this a must visit tourist spot. For those wanting to enjoy some adventure during their beach vacation, Aruba is a top spot for windsurfing or snorkeling and the waters at the beaches are often just three feet, making it perfectly safe to wade into.

Thailand: Referred to as the “Land of Smiles”, Thailand has a lot to offer to tourists. With its fascinating ancient civilization and glorious culture, Thailand is a cultural hotspot. In addition, this beautiful country is famous for its wonderful sights, exotic open-air markets and sparkling temples. Do not forget to pick up some souvenirs while you are visiting this place. Mansion 7, a mall with a twist of wit, offers dynamic eateries, gifts for the gag grabbers and a haunted house to maneuver through. A spooky experience, indeed. Saphan Hin Stadium in Phuket showcases martial arts matches between experts in the field, a show worth the while and watch. Other noteworthy attractions listed by the Thailand tourism are, its exquisite white sandy beaches and the deep turquoise sea.

Lake Tahoe in Sierra Nevada, United States: The largest alpine lake in North America, Lake Tahoe is a major winter travel destination. Situated on the border of California and Nevada, this tourist destination is home to a number of ski resorts and summer outdoor activities. An attraction for the party-goers is the Tahoe pub that hosts live performances for those who have enjoyed their ski. Pubs, malls, though not very gigantic, and hotels are some alluring attractions as well.

Paris, France: Drawing some 45 million tourists every year, the city of Paris in France is one of the most popular tourist destinations of the world. The notable architectural landmarks are Notre Dame de Paris, the Napoleonic Arc de Triomphe and the nineteenth-century Eiffel Tower. In addition, this city, seeped in culture and history is famous for its prized museum, the Louvre and the many grand cathedrals. Pont Neuf, the oldest bridge in Paris is sure to drown you in love, staging a romantic backdrop for a tailor-made proposal. Pont des arts, another bridge that romances your senses and kindles your sensual desires.

So, whether you are planning to relax or just looking for a family fun trip or a romantic getaway, this list of the top 10 vacation spots can help you zero in on your perfect vacation spot.